Guest blogger article for Go Valley Kids!

I had the wonderful opportunity to write a piece for a local magazine called Go Valley Kids.  Check it out here:


Image is a photo of Magnolia (left) and Sunflower (right) lying on their back with their heads together, looking straight at the camera.  They are wearing mustard-colored crocheted hair bows and tops with mustard floral and plaid fabrics.  



The pie incident

Let me tell you a story about my beautiful, sweet, tender-hearted three year old son, Roland.

My mom had made me a pie with a graham cracker crust, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream.  She brought it over one evening, and of course all the kids wanted a piece right away.  As she was serving it up, Roland hesitated, then asked, “does this pie have eggs in it?”

You see, his daddy is severely allergic to eggs, and usually cannot partake in any kind of delicious desserts, much to his dismay.  I was pretty surprised that young Roland thought to ask about the ingredients in the pie!  My mom informed him that it didn’t contain eggs, and he was pleased.

The next morning when I got up, I checked the fridge and there was only one piece of pie left.  I figured the kids – and perhaps Jacob? – had eaten most of it, but I felt justified in taking the last piece, since my mom had made this pie for me specifically, and I hadn’t even tried a piece yet.

I sat down with my cup of coffee and my plate of pie, ready to dig in.  It looked delicious!  Roland came up beside me and asked if that was the last piece of pie.  I said yes, it was.  He immediately crumbled to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

Oh great, I thought.  He’s having a tantrum because he wants the last piece of pie, even though he’d had at least one piece already, if not more!  It was way too early for this, and I hadn’t had my coffee yet…

Roland looked up at me, his big brown eyes brimming with tears, and said, “but…if you eat the last piece….then Dad won’t get to have it….and it doesn’t have any eggs!”  He began sobbing again.

I called Jacob and asked if he wanted that last piece of pie, because Roland was very concerned about this.  Jacob said it was ok.  He had already sampled a bite, and it was yummy.  We were welcome to the last piece.  So I picked up my son, sat him in my lap (pausing to consider how much bigger he seems in my lap now) and we alternated bites of pie until every morsel was gone.

This child is THREE.  Three is a very egocentric age.  Three year olds do not like to share.  But Roland is different than most.  His heart is huge, and his heart is pure.

I’m so thankful for this incredible boy.

Image is a photo of three year old Roland, with shaggy hair, his tongue sticking out, and wearing a Sublime t-shirt, sitting on a brown leather couch beside his identical baby sisters, Maggie and Sunny, wearing white floral sleepers and big white bows.