Juliette’s 6th birthday letter


You turned SIX a couple of months ago!  Sorry for the slight delay in writing you this letter.  Life is busy around here right now.  A few weeks before your birthday, you acquired two new siblings: your twin sisters, Magnolia and Sunflower!  I am so proud of you for being such a good big sister to them.

You have matured in so many ways over the past year.  You have gotten taller and slimmer, and you look like a big kid now.  You spent the whole summer outside, playing with the neighbor kids, running around barefoot and getting dirty.  You’d asked to get your hair cut, so I took you to the salon and you charmed everyone there with your great personality as they cut your hair into a cute shoulder length bob.

Everywhere we go, you win people over.  You have this infectious enthusiasm.  I love to see your beautiful smile and hear your laughter.  You make everything in life more fun.

You and I always talk about how we are “besties.”  One of your favorite things to do is lie in bed with me, snuggling and talking about the things we will do together when you are all grown up.  I hope we really do stay close as you grow up.  I can imagine us going out to dinner, going shopping together, and getting our nails done.  Someday perhaps you will have children of your own and I will get to babysit.  It’s going to be awesome.

For now, I’m enjoying your “little girl-ness” and hoping you won’t grow up TOO quickly!  You are a kindergartner this year at montessori school.  You are going all day, which you love, and even sometimes eating hot lunch at school (the things you like are few and far between though).  Your teachers love you and the positive energy you bring to the class.

You are a very smart girl.  You can read easy reader type books already, and you impress me with your math skills too.  You are very inquisitive, always asking really good questions.

We had your IEP meeting in the spring, and you no longer qualified for speech or any other special education services.  You also “graduated” from your autism therapy program at the end of the summer.  You are still going on Saturdays for the next couple of months for a social skills group, which you are really enjoying.  We are very proud of the progress you have made!

This year has brought many BIG changes to our family, but as usual, you have adapted well and are still the same sweet, good-natured girl.  You are so special.  Please don’t ever change!


Your bestie, Mama ❤


Image is a photo of Juliette on a skateboard.  She is smiling and waving, wearing a purple tank top, tired skirt, and pink converse sneakers.




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