The Big Picture


This image came up in my timehop today.  This was Lennon’s kindergarten homework two years ago.  I still think this is awesome.

At that time in our lives, Juliette had just been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and I had had an epiphany: Lennon is on the spectrum too, a classic “aspie” little professor.  He wouldn’t get his official diagnosis until a bit later, but I already knew it in my heart.

This is a perfect example of how those on the spectrum “think differently.”  Most children would look at this image and see the “big picture” and describe the overall scene depicted here, saying something like “the man is ordering ice cream from the ice cream truck, and there is a dog playing with a ball nearby.”

Autistic people see the small details first, and then piece them together to arrive at the “big picture.”  Lennon looked at this image and immediately zeroed in on the small details, especially the things that were different or out of place.

Both answers are equally correct.  His answer just represented a different way of seeing things.

The world needs all kind of thinkers.  We need those who are good at seeing the big picture.  We also need people who are stronger at seeing details and patterns.

I, for one, love that my kids think a bit differently.  Through all the challenges we have faced since the day my son was born and my entire world turned upside down, I have never once doubted that the kid is brilliant.  ❤


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